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Stay at Paraje Atajo Guest House...the center of Northern New Mexico

Burro de Carga: a cut-out, color-it paper toy.

Burros (Equus Asinus) became one of the first domesticated animal and a trained burden bearer by 8,000 BC. They joined Columbus in 1495 on his voyage to America. In 1598 they traveled with explorer, Juan de Onate and his settlers, to the Spanish frontier now known as New Mexico. Onate established San Gabriel on the banks of the Rio Grande in the San Juan Pueblo/Chamita area. Paraje Atajo Guest House is located in this histoic land.

The Burro figure in the Burro de Carga card is modeled after our grey burro....Freighter.

  • card is 11' by 17''
  • burro figure is 4"Long x 5"tall x 3" wide
  • $6 includes shipping and handling.

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More products to come
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