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Stay at Paraje Atajo Guest House...the center of Northern New Mexico
Paraje Atajo Guest House
Where is it located?

Paraje Atajo Guest House is located in Chamita, New Mexico; 30-minute drive north of Santa Fe at the confluence of the Rio Grande and Rio Chama. Surrounding this high desert valley (6,000 ft.) are theJemez and Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The village is the site of the first Spanish capital of New Mexico settled by Don Juan de Oñate in 1598. He and his settlers established San Gabriel del Yangue on the west bank of the Rio Grande west of Ohkay now called San Juan Pueblo.

The Community of Chamita

Chamita is a traditional acequia community located between two rivers. Water from the acequia irrigate long lot fields that nurture heritage crops; such as chile, corn, and squash, before flowing back into the river. Acequia de Chamita is the oldest European irrigation system in the United States.

What does Paraje Atajo mean?

In Spanish, Paraje means overnight resting place; Atajo is a term for a burro or mule pack train. By the early 17th century packers (arrieros) were working the great trade trails south into Mexico. Arrieros moving goods on atajos stopped at established lodging houses or campsites along the trail to rest, eat, and reflect on their journey.

Paraje Atajo Guest House

 The guest house is a 424 sq. ft. traditional southwest style home with a portal the length of the house and detached from the owner's adobe home. The main room has a wood floor and split-cedar ceiling. The cast iron wood stove warms the house in the winter and is next to the queen size Murphy bed. A foldout cot bed is available for a third person. A kitchenette is equipped to prepare simple meals with an adjoining eating area. Next to a writing desk is a southwest library. The bathroom has a shower, sink and water conserving Incinolet toilet, which uses intense electric heat reducing waste to ash.

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